Pop2Piano : Pop Audio-Based Piano Cover Generation

Jongho Choi, Kyogu Lee

Before listening : We highly recommend that you listen to the samples in stereo audio.
All stereo audio has the piano cover on one side and the original song on the other.

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Generation Sample
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(Fig 4.) on the Paper
Demo Video

Qualitative comparison

This page was created for a qualitative comparison with Song2Guitar, the paper used as a comparative study in the paper.

Cover generation studies, including Song2Guitar, have not made their systems available for use, so it is not possible to compare the covers generated for the various songs in each study.

However, in Song2Guitar's demo video, we were able to get the original song and the generated guitar cover, so we could use it as input to Pop2Piano to generate the piano cover. Below is the result.

Song2Guitar Pop2Piano

[Source Video]

[Generated Piano Cover on the same song using Pop2Piano]
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